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We have available the download of App Collect by WeTransfer for PC and other devices. We explain to you how to download this free App Collect by WeTransfer in this article. This app described in Apps4u is tested from Play Store, AppStore and direct download.

This well-known application allows you to save images, videos and files, organize them into boards and share them via links. You will be able to have all your content organized in a very visual way thanks to the boards, which you will also be able to share with other users. Save your ideas and interesting content you find, references for later, or backups. WeTransfer will become your daily ally to keep all your files organized.


Download Collect by WeTransfer

Some important characteristics you should know about Collect by WeTransfer

  • Collect is the perfect tool to save different types of files in one place and use them whenever it’s needed to.
  • People can use the Pro version in order to sync every data they have on other devices.
  • People can organize their items in personalized boards while getting access to them at any given moment.
  • Collect is the perfect application to save all kinds of stuff you see on different apps or websites.
  • Every board created inside Collect can be shared with people who don’t have a Collect account.
  • People who are Google Chrome uses will find it easier as Collect has an extension that works perfectly with it.
  • The perfect tool for teams as people can work on it simultaneously with no issue at all.

Some FAQ of Collect by WeTransfer

How do I use Collect by WeTransfer?

Depending on where you use it, you will need to open up the extension of Collect by WeTransfer and save files on your boards in order to get access to them later on. People can also use it on their phones and they will see an option that will let them save the information on a board in just a second.

Is Collect by WeTransfer free?

Yes. Collect is free to use, but it has a premium version as well.

Is Collect by WeTransfer a safe app?

Yes. Collect by WeTransfer is a pretty safe app to use.

How do I get files from Collect by WeTransfer?

Once they are saved inside Collect, you will only need to get access to the board where everything is saved. Once you do that, getting files will be pretty easy to do.

Development description

Collect is the best way to save everything that inspires you and fuels your ideas. Upload images and videos, save links and anything from across your apps, then organize it all into visual boards. You can share boards (if you want), and work together right in a board!

• Add images, songs, videos, documents and anything else you got

• Save links and cool stuff you find from across your apps

• Organize all your items into beautiful boards to visualize your ideas

• Share boards with anyone, no sign-up required

• Invite others to collaborate on boards so everyone’s on the same page

• Use the Chrome extension to save things for later and stay in your flow

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