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A new way to play Angry Birds with Angry Birds Legends

In recent years, Angry Birds has been characterized as a video game for Android devices that, many users frequently download on Play Store download platform. This is a game where you are the Birds and you must take down the Piglets´ empires. It must be done using the special abilities that each of the Birds possess. The number of users who play it exceeds a normal amount, if you go to Play Store you will be able to find out way.

Every so often, Rovio creates a new version of this game, either the official one, which is, the normal one or a special version. This special version has the Star Wars as theme. In this case, the industry that created this game has shown us a different game mode. They have changed from being flying and destructive birds, and now they are cards that you must improve as the game progresses. You can achieve this through victories and purchases of other functions that will allow your character within the card to level up and increase its abilities.

Angry Birds Legends, a new way to play

This new version of Angry Birds has managed to take advantage of this franchise, and it is because, Rovio’s creations on this saga are quite popular. Rovio sought to break the rules and exceed expectations with this new type of game. Now, you can make use of your favorite characters in an RPG game.

Each of the new characters shown here has a story in the main background. It gives this new video game that touch of interesting and fabulous. The gameplay is not very complicated; you just have to invoke your 3 cards and, you will face those of your opponent. The winner is the one who can achieve more.

Rovio´s new style of game wanted to position itself as one of the best in other types of video games. This new game does not resemble anything to those the industry commonly produces.

If you are fan of video games from this franchise and, in addition to RPG games, don’t waste any more time and go to Play Store and download it. So you can enjoy this wonderful game that technology brings us today.

Google Phone new function that will be very useful to you

When we least expected, Google comes again with an update in its calling application. It will allow you to make your life easier and avoid taking risks of scams when you apply to get a job. In this case, Google Phone update is the best for you.

What is the new function?

With the new update, you will be able to know the reason for the call that companies make when they call you on your personal phone, as well as, the name of the company Which is requesting your personal information.

It is one of the best ways to keep yourself safe and secure from anyone who wants to scam you or make use of your personal data. Sometimes, people pose as a company that is requesting your knowledge for a job and it is just to scam you.

If you want to download this new version of Google Phone, you only have to go to Play Store and you will get the latest version of it.

Learn about the features of the OPPO Watch

OPPO despite being a relatively new franchise, it has been characterized by producing quality devices. In this occasion, we will tell you about the characteristics of the OPPO Watch, one of its latest creations and also its excellent quality and performance.

We invite you to continue reading so that, you know all the most outstanding characteristics this jewel has for you. All this without forgetting that the price it has is extremely incredible and accessible to most people.


  • Screen:91 x 1.6.
  • Processor: Snapdragon Wear 3100.
  • RAM: 1 GB.
  • Internal storage: 8 GB.
  • Battery: 430 mAh.
  • Version: Wear OS with ColorOS.