Download Play Store for PC

An excellent application store, so is considered Google Play Store, being also an application in which Android users can access to obtain all kinds of tools in order to increase the potential of your smartphone or tablet.

In addition to applications, Google Play Store allows its users to download games. It is likely that, on some occasions, many Android users who are fans of the games offered by the store have had the desire to experience their use from the PC.

Considering that the Google Play Store is an application designed for Android, you may feel that it cannot be used from the PC.

But the truth is that there is a way in which you can have the possibility to not only play the games, but also use the Android applications from the PC. Read on to find out how to download Google Play Store for PC quickly and easily.

How to download Play Store for PC?

To access all the benefits that Google Play Store offers you from your PC, you only need to complete the following steps:

Download and install Bluestacks

Downloading Google Play Store to your PC is a task that you cannot do without the help of a tool known as an Android emulator.

Once it has been installed, the Android emulator will be in charge of recreating the environment of a smartphone within the operating system that has your PC in which you will have the opportunity to access Google Play Store and download from there the applications you want to use from the PC.

Thus, within the range of available emulators, Bluestacks is one of the most useful. Bluestacks has an attractive interface that stands out not only for the intuitive use of its tools, but also for the ease it offers in the configuration of its functions and behavior of the emulator.

The only thing you have to do to get Bluestacks is to enter the official website and click on the button available there to start the installation file download process.

When you have finished downloading the installation file click on it to start the process of installing Biuestacks in the PC. Be sure to follow carefully the instructions that appear on the screen so that you can successfully complete the installation of the emulator in the PC.

Login to Google Play Store

After finishing the installation of the emulator on the PC click on the Bluestacks icon to start its interface. During the emulator loading you will be asked for your Google account data as part of the link process with the emulator, which, when validated, will grant you unlimited access to Google Play Store.

After completing the process of synchronizing your Google account with the emulator, the next thing you have to do is click on My apps and then on System Apps. There you’ll find the name of the Google Play Store which you’ll have to select to enter the catalog of applications offered by this store.

Download the application of your choice

After having successfully completed the procedure to download Google Play Store for PC through Bluestacks you just have to access the store and start searching for the application you want to use from your PC.

To do this you can place the name of the application in the search bar of the store or locate it by browsing the different categories available in Google Play Store, just as if you were doing it from an Android device.

When you have found the application you want, click on the Install button next to the icon to start its installation in the emulator.

Run the application

When you have finished downloading the application, the next thing you have to do is click on the application icon added to the main screen of the emulator to access its interface and start using it from the PC.

Downloading Google Play Store for PC will allow you to take better advantage of the applications from this platform, giving you a greater margin of comfort by being able to answer messages from tools like WhatsApp and Telegram from there.