How to download Bitmoji

Do you want to create some sticker of yourself? Thanks to Bitmoji, you will be able to do this. If you are tired of using the same stickers that some apps provides you, you can now use Bitmoji and create new stickers, and best of all, you can create stickers which look like you.

In addition, this app can offers you entertainment, since you can also create stickers of your friends and caricatures of yourself in order to express how you feel.

If you are tired of using the safe stickers day after day, do not hesitate to download and install this app, and you will be able to create your own stickers.

Where to download Bitmoji officially

Download Bitmoji for Android devices.
Download Bitmoji Go for iOS devices.

Some important characteristics you should know about Bitmoji

  • You can use Bitmoji and all the stickers create by you on any social network.
  • In addition, Bitmoji also includes some entertaining games.
  • Each Bitmoji you create can express what you feel in every moment.
  • The stickers look great.


Some advantages and disadvantages you should know of Bitmoji

Some important advantages of Bitmoji

  • You do not need to pay anything, since this app is completely free.
  • This app is very easy and intuitive to use.
  • You only have to modify your own character depending on your likes and preferences.
  • You do not even need to create an account.
  • This app use a facial recognition in order to create your own Bitmoji.

Some important disadvantages of Bitmoji

  • You can only use it as stickers or emojis.


Some FAQ of Bitmoji

Why should I use Bitmoji?

You should use Bitmoji because it offers you creating new stickers and emojis to express how you feel or your opinion. Therefore, you can give much information only using stickers and emojis.
You only need to activate the camera of your device and the app itself will create a Bitmoji very similar to your facial characteristics and hair.

Why is Bitmoji that popular?

It is popular because everybody wants his or her own stickers. Apple started allowing this, and Android decided to provide its users an app in order to create his or her stickers too (as apple users do).

What do people think about Bitmoji?

People like this app because they can do their own stickers and emojis. However, this app counts with some limitations related to the compatibility and the stickers designs, since, sometimes, these stickers do not express what they really want to express, or maybe, they are not that similar as their owners.

In conclusion

Thanks to Bitmoji, you will have at your disposal everything you need to edit, modify and personalize your stickers. In addition, this app counts with artificial intelligence in order to create stickers very similar to you using the camera of your device.
However, you should have in mind that this app is only used in order to create stickers and emojis, but, if you want to use those created stickers and emojis on any app, you have to import them.
Do not hesitate to try this app and get stickers with your own face.