How to download Pokemon Go

This game was released in 2016 and people still feel like playing this game every day. Thanks to Pokemon Go, there exist a big and great community of people and it is due to its new way of playing.

This game is very realistic, thanks to its augmented reality. You only need to walk some metres and a new Pokemon will appear, than you will be able to capture it. In addition, you only need a smartphone and activate its GPS in order to see new Pokemons. Moreover, you can also fight against other Pokemon Go users.

Thanks to this app, you will be also able to play Pokemon on your Android or iOS devices, so it is a good opportunity to try this game, since you do not need to buy a Nintendo video console. In addition, you will have to move and walking around in order to explore the new Pokemon world.

Where to download Pokemon Go officially

Download Pokemon Go for Android devices.
Download Pokemon Go for iOS devices.

Some important characteristics you should know about Pokemon Go

  • Thanks to its community of players, you will be able to fight against other Pokemon trainers, interchange Pokemons and capture new Pokemons with your friends.
  • You will be able to find different kind of Pokemons depending on the place you are walking around.
  • You can create your own collection of Pokemon; do not miss any of them!
  • Train to become the best Pokemon trainer and you will be able to capture Pokemon gyms.


Some advantages and disadvantages you should know of Pokemon Go

Some important advantages of Pokemon Go

  • You can play Pokemon Go from your smartphone, so you do not need to buy a Nintendo video console in order to play this game.
  • You will be able to fight and capture those Pokemons you find on the way.
  • You only need to have a smartphone, a good connection to Internet and activate the GPS.
  • You will be able to fight against other real Pokemon trainer.
  • You can fight in Pokemon gyms; if you defeat the last Pokemon trainer, you will be able to capture the Pokemon gym.
  • You can also interchange your Pokemons with other Pokemon Go users, thus you can get Pokemons you cannot find in your location.

Some important disadvantages of Pokemon Go

  • You have to move and walk around in order to find and capture different kind of Pokemon, so you cannot star at home if you want to play this game.


Some FAQ of Pokemon Go

Why should I play Pokemon Go?

If you love Pokemon since you were a child and you like doing some exercise, you have to download and install this game. Some people do not like walking around the city, but it is the only way those people have to fight and capture new Pokemons. This is what makes Pokemon Go special. In addition, you do not need to buy a Nintendo video console, since you can play it from your smartphone.

Does Pokemon Go work on any device?

Pokemon Go works on any Android and iOS devices, such as smartphones or tablets. However, have in mind that this game does not work on any video console, since you need to be walking around in order to fight and capture Pokemons.

Why is Pokemon Go that popular?

Although there are less people playing this game than when it was released, there are millions of people playing this game currently. It counts with millions of downloads and there are a very big community of players.

What do people think about Pokemon Go?

People like this game because they feel as a part of the game, since you have to be walking around in order to get new Pokemons. Other people complain, because they cannot play this game from home.

In conclusion

Thanks to Pokemon Go, you will discover a new way of playing games, since you need to be out of home to play this game. In addition, you can fight and capture Pokemons while having a walk and you can also fight against other Pokemon trainers close to you.
Do not hesitate to download this game and play while doing some exercise.