How to download WeChat

WeChat is the most downloaded and used instant messaging app in Chine. Although it was created in China and most of the Chinese people use it, you can also download and install it, even if you live out of China. In addition, you can enjoy the same functions.

WeChat offers many different functions, such as instant messaging chat, mini games, video calls, group of people conversations, states for 24 hours, or even payments with your devices.

This app will help you be in contact and communicate with your family members, friends or you can even know new people living in Chine.

Where to download WeChat officially

You can access the download link by clicking on “download”, depending on the operating system you use. It is also available for smartphones and tablets.
 Download WeChat for Android devices.
Download WeChat Go for iOS devices.

Some important characteristics you should know about WeChat

  • WeChat allows you to make video calls with nice people or more in a high quality and definition.
  • If you are bored while going to work in public transport or wherever, you can play its mini video games.
  • WeChat is available in more than twenty languages, so you will not probably have problems with it.
  • You will know if an unknown account is verified or not before you follow it.
  • You can also upload “states” or “stories” (pictures or videos) for 24 hours.
  • There are a big amount of different stickers, emojis and additional options.


Some advantages and disadvantages you should know of WeChat

Some important advantages of WeChat

  • You will be able to talk with people who are currently living in China.
  • You can create or join group conversations with more than five hundred people.
  • You will be able to use many different stickers and emojis.
  • You can share your videos and pictures as a “state” or “stories”. They will last 24 hours.
  • You can also share your location or see another person’s locations in real time.
  • It is catalogued as the best app related to the privacy by TRUSTE.
  • You can also use this app as a payment method thanks to WeChat Pay.
  • It allows you to scan QR codes.
  • This app help you do some exercise thanks to WeRun.

Some important disadvantages of WeChat

  • This app can provoke some problems on devices out of China.


Some FAQ of WeChat

Why should I use WeChat?

You should use this app because it allows you to communicate with your family members, friends and even new people living in China. In addition, this is the most used instant messaging chat app in China.
Moreover, it is not only an instant messaging chat app, since this app provides some other functions, such as mini games, video calls, group of people conversations, states for 24 hours, or even payments with your devices.

Does WeChat work on any device?

This app works on any device manufactured in China. However, if you buy a device out of China, you will probably also use this app, although it may arise some problems or incompatibilities. Therefore, you should try it and see if it works properly on your device.
Anyway, there are two version of this app: one for Android devices and another one for iOS devices.

Why is WeChat that popular?

This app is popular because it is the main app used in China, so millions of people use it. Anyway, it is also used out of China, because of its facility of communicating with Chinese people.

What do people think about WeChat?

People like this app because they consider it the best app in order to communicate to each other, since it is very easy to use and it is also available in different languages. In addition, it is also used in order to communicate with people living currently in China.

In conclusion

We recommend you using this app if you need to talk with someone living in China, since it is the most used app by Chinese people. In addition, you can enjoy all its function, but have in mind that there could be some problems of incompatibility, so make sure this app will work on your device.
Do not hesitate to download and isntall this app, if it finally works perfectly on your device, you will not regret.