How to install Play Store?

Google Play Store is one of Android’s core applications where users can get all kinds of tools, whether it’s editing photos or videos, playing multimedia content or even downloading games.

However, it’s always the case that for some reason your device doesn’t have Google Play Store installed by default or the application has failures that affect its proper functioning, making it necessary to reinstall it.

No matter what the case, in this post you will learn how to install Play Store in your Android device or in a Tablet an Amazon Fire OS.

How to install Play Store in an Android

The process to install Play Store on Android is divided into 2 steps:

1.   Activate installation from unknown sources

Before proceeding with the installation of the Google Play Store you need to activate the option Enable installation from unknown sources. This is because you will need to download the Play Store APK file from an external source to your Android system.

Depending on the type of Android system installed on your device (older version or higher than Oreo) the steps to enable this option may vary.

If you have a device with an operating system prior to Android 8 Oreo or Android 7 Nougat, the first thing you need to do is go to Settings.

There you must click on the Security option, which will take you to another screen where the Unknown sources option will appear. Click it to enable and allow the installation of the Google Play Store APK file.

When you activate this option, a warning message will appear on the screen, which you must click on OK to confirm the action.

If you have an Android Oreo device or higher, to activate the option Unknown sources you must do so for each application you install outside the official Android store. You’ll find out how to do this later.

2.   Download Google Play Store APK file

The next step is to download the Play Store APK file. You can do this through the APK Mirror page, being this a reliable and secure source when it comes to obtaining APK files from different applications and tools in case you can’t acquire them through the official Android store.

When selecting the Google Play Store APK file to download, it is recommended that you select the latest version, although you can also download an older version in case you experience problems with the latest application file.

Once you’ve completed the download of the APK file, the next thing you’ll need to do is search for it in the Files application and then in Downloads. Click on the file to start its installation on your device.

If you have a post-Oreo Android device, you will be prompted to ensure that the application you are downloading the APK file with has permission to install applications from unknown sources.

Since you are getting the APK file from Chrome, you will have to activate the option Unknown sources from there, which will appear as a warning on the screen that you have to press to start the installation of the file.

When the installation of Google Play Store on your Android device is complete you will notice the application icon on the main screen. Click on it to open it and access the catalog of applications available there so you can get those that are of your interest.

After completing the process to install Google Play Store, we recommend that you disable the Unknown sources option to prevent other applications from being downloaded from Chrome without your authorization.

Install Play Store on an Amazon Fire tablet

If you have an Amazon Fire OS device, you should be aware that it is designed only to allow content and applications from its official Appstore, so you will not find Google Play Store or other Google applications such as Google Maps on your system.

However, since these types of devices have a bifurcated version of Android, you may be able to install Google Play Store on them.

To do so, you must go to Settings, then Security and there, activate the option to install applications from unknown sources.

After confirming this action proceed to download the following files:

Google Account Manager APK

Google Services Framework APK

Google Play Services APK

Google Play Store APK

Once downloaded you must go to the Docs tab, then Local Storage and finally Download Folder to locate the files and click on each of them to start their installation on the device, making sure to do so in the order in which they were downloaded.

If you’ve completed the steps described above you will notice the Google Play Store icon on the main screen of your Amazon Tablet so you only have to click on it to access its catalog of applications and get those that are of your preference.