Play Plants vs. Zombies: Backyard Showdown

Lovely plants and creepy zombies meet together again, but they do not meet in peace they meet to fight against each other. It is a funny game with special nods to the original game and three progressive jackpots.

Plants vs. Zombies is a video slot 5×3 game which has been developed by Spielo Studio for IGT with 243 different combinations.

You are able to use wild-cards and a bonus game. In addition, it is a slot game easy to play, a very funny and entertaining game. It is time to win a good prize.

Its set limit is very low, you can only bet between 0,50€ and 2,50€, but you can win up to 50€. It is a good prize having in mind that you play with 243 different combinations and some additional extras.

You win with combinations of three or more similar symbols on every run, so the maximum you can win is your total bet x200. But, let’s see what else Plants vs. Zombies: Backyard Showdown could offer:

  • Plants symbols can take on a life of its own at any moment randomly. If this happens, you are able to get between 0,05€ and 25€ additionally, once you have been paid the last prize you won.
  • Under the symbols of a deck of cards (less valuable symbols), a zombie-wild card could be hidden. This works as a substitute of all the regular symbols.

Some extras

There are three jackpots in Plants vs. Zombies: Backyard Showdown. You can see how many you have in the upper left side of your screen. However, you need to find a number of suns in the “Graveyard Game” in order to see how many jackpots you have.

  • If you find between 14 and 24 suns, you will win a Bronze Jackpot.
  • If you find between 25 and 34 suns, you will win a Silver Jackpot.
  • If you find 35 or plus suns, you will win a Golden Jackpot.

The best of Plants vs. Zombies: Backyard Showdown

 The best thing about this game is the fight between plants and zombies in the backyard, divided into two different bonus games:

Win the spin

 If you want to reach to this part of the game, you need to find a symbol of the game in the “roll game” (1 – 3 – 5). Once you have found the symbol, you will get a run for free with five movements. You will have to play plants (left side) vs. zombies (right side).

Before the game stars, choose which one (plants or zombies) will win. Every single time you hit the enemy, you will get a reward between 0,05€ and 250€ (you will get more if your choice wins at the end).

If any zombie crosses the yard, they win; if not, the plants will win. Once you have played five times and you have guessed three of the five predictions you made, you will get and extra prize between 12,5€ and 500€.

Graveyard bonus

 Thanks to the symbols in the tombstone, you can get different prizes:

  • Different pots between 2,5€ and 500€ randomly.
  • You can also win between three and five suns in order to try to win one of the three progressive jackpot. The suns you win during the bonus game will only be available during the bonus game. Once it finishes, the suns will disappear.
  • You can win consolation prizes if you do not get any prize finally.
  • If any zombie gets to your position in five different movements, the bonus game will end.

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