Temp Mail Address Keep your personal email account safe

Having an email account is a basic service these days, and as regular as it is to enjoy of these platforms online, they are extremely important for most people due to the formal use emails provide for communication in companies, corporations and businesses. 

Because of this, having a clean and safe email account is imperative to take advantage of a proper service. This in some cases is not possible due to the SPAM and other type of risky messages that can be received, putting in danger privacy and other aspects in these important platforms. 

Usually, SPAM and other annoying messages like subscriptions and ads are received because we provide our personal email accounts in different websites and services online, since these require this information to allow us to log in. That is why; at some point we see that we are receiving emails that are repetitive, may contain inappropriate or risky content and more. 

This is where the platform of Temp Mail Address comes to the table, as the service that allow us to create and use a temporary email account to receive messages at any moment, even confirmation messages to use an online service. After a while, the account and messages inside will be deleted for good, with no privacy issues and we get free of SPAM and other vulnerabilities related to private email accounts. 

temporary emails

How to use Temp Mail Address 

Using the platform of Temp Mail Address is very easy, since every aspect of the service is provided in just one page, including sharing tools, account management and inbox, being all provided at once. Access the platform through the URL address https://www.tempmailaddress.com/ from your favorite internet browser. 

temp mail

For starters, on the right side of the screen there is a general menu where we will be able to change between tabs, for different actions. The first tab corresponds to “Home” and includes all the options respecting the temporary email account and sharing tools. 

temporary email account

The second tab is “About” and is related to general information and purposes of a platform of this sort, with all advantages and benefits this have, in terms of privacy, security online and avoiding SPAM. 

temp mail

The last tab is “Contact” and is the section where you as a user can send recommendations and suggestions, ideas or any other to the developers of the software, and these will be received and taken into account for later versions and updates of the platform. 

temp mail

On another part, unlike other disposable email platforms the service of Temp Mail Address allows you to change how much time you need the account, starting from 60 minutes to 2 whole weeks in the case there is need for longer periods of time. You can select the time you need from a small list to the left, showing six options. 

temp mail address

Taking advantage of different options available in Temp Mail Address 

Now that we know the general stuff, it is time to see how we can manage different options respecting account management and sharing tools. 

In the “Home” tab we have access to the different functions respecting the account. In fact, at the moment we enter the platform generates an account automatically that can be used right away, as we can see in the image below. 

temp mail

However, the platform gives the option to modify this default account for a new one completely customized. To do so, click on the “Edit” button above the account and immediately a new pop-up will open, where you can write the account name you want. In this case we are going to write “EricSmith2019”. Then click on “Confirm” and you are good to go. 

temp mail


temp mail address

Above the account there are two more valuable options to take advantage of, such as “Copy” and “Refresh”, in which you can copy the account for easy sharing, as well as refreshing the page in case you are waiting for an urgent email. Likewise, the platform updates itself every 10 seconds. 

copy temp mail

The Temp Mail Address even allows you to set a password for extra-security and choose and avatar if you like, as options than most of the similar services online do not provide. Since these are optional functionalities, we will not get into them too much. 

temp mail

In case you want to delete your temporary email account before time expires for any reason, this is possible by clicking in the “Delete” button above the email account. Automatically, the previous temporary account will be removed and substituted with the new one. 

tem email
how you can delete your temporary email account


temporary email

Checking the inbox using Temp Mail Address 

Right below the tab panel it is shown the inbox at all times, establishing a list of the incoming messages depending on time, subject and sender. In this case we have a message where you can see the some actions you can do. 

For example, at the right of the message there are two action buttons; “Save this email “and “Delete”, performing those actual functions even before the message is read or open. 

temp mail inbox


temp mail

Of course, opening an actual email can be done by performing the natural action of clicking on it, showing the message and content in detail and other important information, such as sender, time and subject.  

temp mail


Temp Mail Address acts like an email recipient to avoid using our personal email accounts. Therefore, the function of sending emails is not present. However, right above the content of the message there is a tool with different options. For instance, if we click on the icon with a printer on we will be able to print the email. 

temo mail

If we are reading a message and we have finished, returning to the inbox and general home page of the platform is very easy. Just click on the arrow icon that acts as button and in no time you will be in your inbox to receive new messages, change the account and more. 

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