Google Photos: Essential settings to fully enjoy this app

If you truly want to take advantage of Google Photos on your Android device, there are some specific settings that you can change to fully enjoy this great app.

Google Photos is an essential application for most Android users around the world, since it offers the opportunity to easily safe our pictures in the cloud. If you want to recover an old photo that you deleted accidentally, Google Photos gives you acces to that option too, but there are some aspects that you have to consider while you’re using this application.

Even though this app contains many different features and options, every user needs to make use of a few basic adjustments to give the best purpose to this app.

Security Backup on Google photos

Unless you don’t care about the precious memories inside your gallery, you would like to activate the security backup of Google Photos. This way you don’t have to worry if you loose your phone, because all of your beloved pictures were automatically uploaded to the cloud. But you have to activate it first and make sure to set the proper settings.

Activate the Security Backup

  1. Open the app of Google Photos.
  2. Tap on your profile pic.
  3. Go to “Settings”.
  4. Pick the option “Security Backup and synchronization”.
  5. Activate the Security Backup.

Choose the resolution

Google Photos gives its users the option to save their pictures under certain resolution, but if you wish to keep them in their original resolution there’s no problem with that. Since your space in the cloud is limited, you have to remember that long videos and high-resolution pics occupy plenty of space.

Inside the settings of the Security Backup is everything you need, as the app delivers two options for this:

  • High resolution

While videos remain at full HD with this adjustment, images are going to be compressed under 16 Mpx. The good thing is that storage is unlimited, but the definition of your pictures might end up altered.

  • Original Resolution

If you are a professional photographer or you just simply want your photos to remain exactly as they are, you can select this option on your app and every image stays exactly the same. But you’ll have to keep an eye on your storage to not run out of space too fast.

Mobile data or WiFi

Since the Security Backup is done automatically, you can’t control when it happens, but you can choose if you want it to be done when you’re using a WiFi network or anywhere with mobile sevice. If you have limited data, the best option for you is to set the adjustment to “WIFI only”, since this way you will not use all of your data without knowing it.

Select your albums

While some people chooses to have a Security Backup for their WhatsApp photos, because they use that app for work, some others would give more importance to the camera photos, because they don’t want to loose memorable moments.

Since Google Photos is aware that there a different preferences, it offers every user the chance to select the albums they want to have in the Security Backup. All the folders and albums that you choose are going to be safe, since Google photos will automatically add them to the Security Backup.

Release Space

If you have been using Google Photos for a while now, you might have gather a wide selection of images and that could be a problem if your storage is limited. But don’t worry, because you can always use the “Release Space” option on your app to get rid of some old pictures to make space for new ones.

If you do enjoy having Google Photos, the best idea is to make sure that you always have some space free on your cloud for more awesome images.

  • Open Google Photos
  • Tap on your profile pic
  • Go inside “Settings”
  • Head to the “Release Space” option
  • Proceed to release all the space that you actually need.

Administer notifications

This app might be annoying sometimes, because Google Photos it sends many notifications, you can change that very easily by making the right adjustments. If you wish to see certain notifications of this app, but there are others that you don’t need to see all the time, you can administer them inside the settings in no time.

This is very useful, since we don’t want to be bomb with unnecessary notifications all the time.

  • Open Google Photos
  • Tap on your profile pic
  • Go inside “Settings”
  • Head to “notifications”
  • Select which notifications you would like to see an which don’t.