Problems you can face when opening/using an app

We know that our phones are not perfect. Every once in a while, a problem tends to happen with an app, it can be while we are using it, or even when it is on the opening process. Sometimes, we don’t know what is going on with them. It is normal, apps tend to fail and they don’t properly tell you what is going on.

But, we can tell you how to solve these issues you can face. Some of them might be normal or seem like something easy to do, but we can do something to learn how to solve all of them.

The app is not compatible with the phone

Some phones are compatible with different apps, but in some cases, some apps are not available. People can see the requirements of an app once they open it on the Google Play Store, or they can Google them to know more about them.

Nowadays, most of the apps work for Android 4.1 or higher. So, if you have an old phone with a previous Android version, chances are that you can’t use it.

Try to update your phone with the newest Android version, or if you have an iOS phone, then try upgrading it as well. But, if your phone can’t be upgraded, then you won’t be able to do anything with it as there’s no way to solve compatibility issues.

The app is not updated to the latest version

When the latest version of an app comes, two things can happen. You can keep using it without any issue at all, or, the app will stop working as it needs an update

You need to go to the Google Play Store or App Store in order to check if the app is updated. Users can see this information by clicking on the app and seeing if it is asking for an update or not.

In case you do need to update it, then do it as it helps you out to solve the issue you are dealing with. If it does not work that way, uninstall the app and then install it again.

Cache memory or app data is giving issues 

When an app has been installed for quite some time, the cache memory tends to be full. This can become an issue as people do not always know how to erase it, whether it is the cache memory or the app data that is giving issues to people.

To clear them both, you will need to go to the Settings menu. Users will need to find the “Applications” option and then look for the app that is not working. Once you choose it, you will need to go down and seek the option that stands for the “Clear Cache” or “Erase App Data”.

This will clear up all the information stored on the app, which is pretty useful as it might help one of the issues it has.

Reset your phone

There are two ways that you can do to reset your phone. The first one is the most famous one, you can simply press the block button and when the reset option comes up, press it. Try and see if the app works when the phone turns on again.

If this doesn’t work that way, then try the hard reset option. When this happens, simply press the option so your phone starts with no issue at all, because you can choose the option to reset the phone with the fabric version which means that you will lose all the information that is stored. 

Turn WebView updates off or update the app

Even though WebView is the app that is responsible to keep most of your apps working, it can become a nightmare. Android System WebView allows you to have a better experience, but there are some updates that can turn the app into a headache for a lot of people.

The first thing that can happen is that the app is not updated. Luckily, you can update it through the Google Play Store, which saves you a lot of time. Try updating it and see if the app works well after the update is done.

But, if you see that this keeps happening with every update, then you need to turn the updates off. This can be done through the Google Play Store. Users will need to find the app and then press the three dots in the corner and then turn off the automatic updates.

The last one, which sometimes works, is that you take WebView to the first version. For this, you will need to go to the applications menu and look for it, and then press the “Uninstall Updates” and see if now the apps that were not running properly work.

Use an older version of an app

This solution can help you out when the app’s latest version is giving you headaches or comes with different bugs. Sadly, you can’t manually go back to the older version through the Play Store or App Store.

To do this, you need to go to the Applications menu located in the Settings of your phone. Then, you will need to look for the app that you are having issues with. Then, press the Uninstall Updates button and wait for the app to update, if it works, then problem solved.

But, if you do this and the problem keeps going on, you can look for an APK with the older version of the app on the internet. Beware to block the updates of the app when installing it or the newest version will be installed otherwise.